Imagine traveling on a spaceship, with a pet beagle at your side on a seek and understand mission into the unknown. Pat Powell's music is the bold sound of shouted questions and secrets uncovered in that safari through space. Get on board for a way out ride with this original musician and his mascot sniffing out cool music ideas and alien conspiracies alike...
  "The feel of the electric guitars here make this song really ROCK! It's cool and the effects on the vocal is powerful. Really cool track". - Big Mr. Benny

"'Hole in the Moon' is a tight track. Alien Beagle has some cool lyrics and has produced a track that makes me think at the same time- while puts me in a jammin mood. I recommend this one. Get it!"
- MightyMike88

"No doubt in my mind you have the chops and sound that should make it, if you stick with it, in the current heavy metal industrial rock scene. I think your lyrics, (as much as I can grab), are on the right track towards being relevant and vital for the hard rock fans of today. More plainly, it hit me like a Brown Dwarf emerging out from the Sun!" - John Travisano

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